COMPLIMENTS: Presenting someone with (something) as a mark of courtesy, a sign of respect and show of appreciation.

TheGSEW appreciates who you are and all that you do! We know how hard you work, so, we not only encourage you to take a little time for yourself,
we sponsor it. Our dining and travel incentive programs are designed to make travel not only possible, but easier and more affordable; new and exciting trips
and dining opportunities are published every month.

Love to golf, want to learn how? Have you always dreamed of going on a cruise, visiting exotic locations or taking a
well-deserved spa retreat? It’s all possible right through The International Travel Alliance, an exclusive partner of TheGSEW.




  • NETWORKING: Connecting with a supportive system, to share information and services among individuals and
    groups having common interests.
  • COLLABORATION: Working together willingly in a cooperative spirit among other participants.
  • COMMUNICATION: Imparting or exchanging news, thoughts, opinions or information by speech or in writing.
  • EDUCATION: Providing a wealth of knowledge and information based on particular subject matters or life’s experiences,
    giving intellectual, moral, and social instruction
  • COACHING: Using traditional methods of training based on an individual’s needs and goals without judgment.
  • MENTORING: Being guided by a more experienced or more knowledgeable person, the informal transmission of social
    capital relevant to work, career or professional development
  • INSPIRATION: Filling another with a new or revived desire to do or feel.
  • MOTIVATION: Providing another an interest in, enthusiasm for, or reason to do something.
  • CONCIERGE: Courtesy services extended on an “as needed”, “as requested” basis.