Inspiration & Motivation

INSPIRATION: The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something.
MOTIVATION: The general desire, willingness, or reason of someone to do something.

The action/reaction, the cause and effect of being part of a community of dedicated women who share their stories and
experiences inspires you to learn from their example and to be motivated to put your own plans in to motion.  Dreaming is
great, but when the stars disappear and the sun rises once again, it’s YOUR time to put your feet on the ground and move:
move toward your own goals, create your own vision and know that with TheGSEW, you will never be alone!

May you hear the beat of your own heart & the determination of your own step




  • COLLABORATION: Working together willingly in a cooperative spirit among other participants.
  • COMMUNICATION: Imparting or exchanging news, thoughts, opinions or information by speech or in writing.
  • EDUCATION: Providing a wealth of knowledge and information based on particular subject matters or life’s experiences,
    giving intellectual, moral, and social instruction
  • COACHING: Using traditional methods of training based on an individual’s needs and goals without judgment.
  • MENTORING: Being guided by a more experienced or more knowledgeable person, the informal transmission of social
    capital relevant to work, career or professional development
  • INSPIRATION: Filling another with a new or revived desire to do or feel.
  • MOTIVATION: Providing another an interest in, enthusiasm for, or reason to do something.
  • COMPLIMENTS: Presenting someone with (something) as a mark of courtesy, a sign of respect and show of appreciation.
  • CONCIERGE: Courtesy services extended on an “as needed”, “as requested” basis.