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Online gambling sites offer players the same level of fairness and security as physical casinos. To check the legitimacy of an online gambling website, the U.S. Gambling Guide recommends identifying the licensing and certifications displayed on the homepage. Additionally, good online gambling sites display logos from the relevant accreditation councils or boards. These accreditations ensure that online gambling sites respect consumer protection laws. If a gambling guide does not list any of this information, it is best to look for one with the same information.

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Media & Marketing

Personal and Professional Branding is not an option in today’s highly competitive market.  First and foremost, it must be consistent and relevant to you and your customer and clearly identify the promise you make to the consumer.

Done correctly, it makes you stand out from among the competition and, over time, establishes the reputation you want to precede you before you enter the room!

Once under the umbrella of Advertising, today’s digital world makes branding easier, more cost-effective and less time consuming.

Gone are the days of having to hire expensive agency talent to oversee this task.  No more having to spend hours wondering what to do and say, how and when to schedule and how best to spend your money.


AIMI (Amy) is a fill-in-the-blank, get a month’s worth of promotions done with the push of a button and take back that time:  you may just need it to handle new business!