It is always a pleasure to hear from those women who deserve recognition for their contribution to family, career and community. Based on the information or help you need, please select from among the following departments.

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TheGSEW Instructions

Changing Your Password

Your Welcome Package includes your membership card which displays your Permanent Account Number; this is your temporary password. Your Username is your email address. You must use the temporary password the first time you log-in. For your convenience, create your Personal Password, which, for further security, will be saved in the system. The Password should be at least six(6) characters and may include numbers as well as letters. The combination of your Username and Password will give you access to the database. Do not share them or grant access to your files to other parties. Sign in using your Username (e-mail address) and temporary password. Once ‘welcomed’, click on My Profile. That will take you to your backoffice. In the “Change Your Password” section, enter your new password twice, and click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Editing Your Profile

We urge you to keep your personal profile relevant at all times; it serves you and others best that way. As information becomes outdated, you wish to add new information, or make edits to existing information, sign in, and go to My Profile from the Home page. Choose the fields you wish to edit and go ahead and make your edits and submit. All edits will be reviewed and should post within the next two business days. Of course, the Support Staff at TheGSEW is always happy to assist you during normal working hours. After making your edits, be sure to scroll to the bottom and click “Update Profile” to save the changes.

Adding Your Photo

We encourage you to add a photo to your profile; it adds value for you. Sign in and go to “My Profile” from the Home Page go to your back office to EDIT PROFILE DETAILS. Go to “PROFILE PICTURE”. Click on CHOOSE FILE. This will open a field from which you locate your pictures from (i.e. Desktop, Documents…). Select your desired photo. You will see it “populate” in the profile section on your profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile page and press “UPDATE”. It’s that easy. (If you do not see you photo instantly REFRESH your computer.)

Referring Others

An important feature of TheGSEW is the privilege granted to all members to nominate other women they feel will add to the value of the Association and benefit from it, as well. To nominate other women of leadership, go to “NOMINATE OTHER LEADERS”, which can be found on the Home page. Complete the simple form. Nominee’s name and e-mail address must be provided. She will be notified that you were the person who took the time to recognize her. We thank you.


Right from the Home Page, you can search for other members by any keyword. Just type who, or what you’re searching for right in the search field at the top of each page. When you wish to do Advanced Searches, you may add – or remove – filters as you go to broaden or narrow your search.


TheGSEW is committed to serving the needs of as many women as possible through personal and professional development. Don’t hesitate to share information from TheGSEW with others. From any search result page, you may share information just by going to the “Share” option. TheGSEW thanks you for it; so will those you are sharing with.