About Us


GLOBAL: Pertaining to the whole world; comprehensive, without limit!

SOCIETY: An organized group of persons coming together for common causes, like-minded goals and common vision.  A group that can grow without limit!

EMPOWERED: Having authority, energized and driven to move forward. Ready, willing and able to do, to be, to have without limit!

WOMEN: Formerly referred to as the “weaker sex”, today’s agents of change. Female humans defined by courage strength, talent, vision, accomplishments, passion, commitment, and contribution… all without limits!



Position Statement

Life comes with challenges: some are be anticipated, others may be impossible to imagine.  We can control some, others may be well beyond our ability to do so.  That is reality. Reality presents two options:  take a ‘wait-and-see what happens next’ position or assume a proactive stance and take control of as much as possible. At all times, and based on the reality of any given moment, ongoing personal and professional development remain the right of every woman; they are also her responsibility.  When women individually and collectively assume that right and accept that responsibility we gift ourselves the opportunity to best serve ourselves, our families, our communities and in so doing, we can make the world a better place – for all.

Mission Statement

TheGSEW is dedicated to sharing information and opportunities in its mission to ignite and inspire every woman to realize her greatest personal and professional development. This mission is driven by the ongoing sourcing and curating of technologies, systems and platforms and TheGSEW’s dedication to today’s women creating tomorrow’s world.