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Nuts! Is it just me, or do you, too, sometimes wonder, “… what was she thinking… ”? An early morning story had me wondering that just today…. Let me preface it by saying too many women continue to struggle to find their voice.  Whether due to religious beliefs, government mandates, or personal circumstances, the battle to be … Continued

Excuse me, PLEASE!

Is it just ME, or do you, too, know some people who take twice as much time telling you why they can’t do something than actually just doing it? Over the many years I have encouraged women to be all they can be.  I have known some who never gave themselves the credit they deserved. … Continued

Socrates and me!

Is it just ME – and Socrates, or are you, too, always curious as to the ‘who, what, where, when why and how’. I was blessed to be raised in a family that delighted in my ‘need to know’.  I never remember simply being today, “Because”, in answer to any of my questions.  I was … Continued

Aim high; no higher!

Is it just me, or do you, too, know folks who you believe let talents go unused, underdeveloped, wasted? OUCH!  Just hope no-one puts you in that category; I’m hoping the same for myself! I believe in dreaming.  I believe in wishing.  But as an ‘oldie but goodie’ song tells us, “…wishing and hoping and … Continued

Patience: a virtue, indeed!

Is it just ME, or do you, too, sometimes find yourself  growing impatient when others are not on your schedule or timeline or honoring the same priorities? PLEASE!  Tell me I am not the only one! I recently responded to what is a very important set of questions after taking several weeks deciding how – … Continued

The Longest Journey!

Is it just ME, or do you, too, ponder over big thoughts, such as this? Just this morning, I heard a very learned man state that the longest journey is one foot; about the distance between your brain and your heart!! WOW, I thought, I love that!  It makes sense!  It’s so true!! Simple!  Profound! … Continued

Bouncing Back…

Is it just ME, or are you, too blessed to know – or to have known – women with what can only be described as astounding resilience? I’d hazard to guess that anyone who knows but a handful of women knows at least one resilient one; I think it’s part of the gender description! Resilience … Continued

Never settle…

Is it just ME, or do you, too know too many people, especially women, who just always seem to accept what they are given? Now, I’m not talking about accepting that your feet hurt by the end of the day or that you are not as understood as you want to be…I’m talking about accepting … Continued

We survived!

Is it just ME, or do you, too, wonder how the world survived for the approximate 38 minutes Facebook went down on the morning of June 19, 2014? OMG… it was in the 4 A.M. hour and I was up listening to the morning news.  The announcement was made:  Facebook was down! I lay there … Continued

Competition: It’s a good thing!

Is it just ME, or do you, too, know business persons who shutter at the thought of competition? I got over the fear of competition a long, long time ago and I want you to do so, as well… I can recall times of sharing ideas for businesses with others who told me I was … Continued