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Online gambling sites offer players the same level of fairness and security as physical casinos. To check the legitimacy of an online gambling website, the U.S. Gambling Guide recommends identifying the licensing and certifications displayed on the homepage. Additionally, good online gambling sites display logos from the relevant accreditation councils or boards. These accreditations ensure that online gambling sites respect consumer protection laws. If a gambling guide does not list any of this information, it is best to look for one with the same information.


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Lead or Follow: It’s Your Choice; Either Way, YOU WIN!

Is it just ME, or do you ever wonder how some people are constantly doing something – all the time? I’ve decided the answer is that they choose to, and it’s a good choice. We have been deluged with the Law of Attraction (LOA) theme in the last 12 years, or so. Once “The Secret” … Continued

Is it just ME

Is it just ME…or do you often wonder how people end up doing what it is they do? OK, I get that nurses went to nursing school.  I actually hold professions like nursing and teaching in high esteem.  They are “callings”.   They choose you; you don’t choose them – and I’ve spoken with countless healthcare … Continued

“Behind” Every Successful Man…not always!

Is It Just ME, or do you, too, recall the expression, ‘behind every successful man is a woman’? I guess it was the era of television shows such as The Donna Reed Show, Ozzie and Harriet, Father Knows Best…; “the little woman” was portrayed as the perfectly-coiffed, stay-at-home mom who vacuumed in a starched dressed … Continued


Special…. Is it just ME, or do you too find yourself fascinated and motivated by the athletes of Special Olympic? A life-long sports fan, I have witnessed up close and personal some rather awesome sports events. Ali and Frazier, the 1969 New York Mets, The U.S. Olympic Hockey victory, Secretariat’s Triple Crown win… Sports is … Continued

Can it really be this simple?

Is it just ME, or do you, too, appreciate words of “epic” proportion that just seem to make sense of – well, everything? Thank you to Craig Ballantyne for this great article! The 3 C’s of the Perfect Day By Craig Ballantyne In a far corner of the ancient Roman Empire, a wise man constructed … Continued

God Won’t Ask

May I ask…..? Is it just me, or do you, too, believe that what comes into your life – and when it comes into your life – is sent to serve you when you need it most? I must share something that was sent to me today. Now, this refers to God and while I … Continued

We’ve come a long way…

Is It Just ME, or do you, too, appreciate that today, March 8, is International Women’s Day? International Women’s Day (IWD) has been celebrated since the early 1900s! Discontent with inequalities between the genders, women began to find a voice.   Most particularly, they were speaking out about working conditions.  In 1908, 15,000 women marched … Continued


Is it just ME, or are you, too, feeling this winter has gotten very old, very fast? The United States is experiencing a worse than normal winter season – and I’m being nice… actually, in many areas it’s the coldest winter in recorded history. Now that’s a contest no one wants to win! I’m a … Continued


Nuts! Is it just me, or do you, too, sometimes wonder, “… what was she thinking… ”? An early morning story had me wondering that just today…. Let me preface it by saying too many women continue to struggle to find their voice.  Whether due to religious beliefs, government mandates, or personal circumstances, the battle to be … Continued

Excuse me, PLEASE!

Is it just ME, or do you, too, know some people who take twice as much time telling you why they can’t do something than actually just doing it? Over the many years I have encouraged women to be all they can be.  I have known some who never gave themselves the credit they deserved. … Continued