Be Seen, Be Heard

TheGSEW powers and promotes a well-balanced blend of virtual and actual events.

The perfect time for any event is when the time is right for you. To the comfort of your home or office, events are brought right to your computer. We then archive replays in your Resource Center so you can participate when you chose or replay events most meaningful to you.

You always know what’s happening – and when – thanks to our active communication system that delivers invitations, announcements and opportunities and follow-up right to you.

Actual events are scheduled in cities around the world making attending these events more affordable, more convenient and more exciting.

You might even consider becoming an Event Director is a city of your choice.

Now, let’s talk about YOUR events! In fact let’s share them with tens of thousands of other women! Our Public Relations component gives you the opportunity to submit events and have them posted on our calendar and social media platforms and in our newsletters. We even send out special announcements on your behalf, so your audience widens and your brand becomes recognized where your market is so what’s important to you moves beyond where you could possible take it on your own.